Monday, December 3, 2012


This is the SPY daily. It looks like a bear wedge bounce.
This is the daily chart of XFN.TO

I took 1000 shares at 5.99 of HFD.TO
Stopped myself out of K.TO with a $140 /3.1% Loss.


  1. I bought 2000 K @ 9.50 today. I suspect I'm early (I have done several swing trades on this, I'm almost always early) but tomorrow will tell I guess.

    I'll be keeping a careful eye on things. I'm a little risk adverse right now. I suffered an unfortunate combination of S & S (Stubborn and Stupid) with HNU . I've been trying to day/swing trade it, with some small success, and then I
    screwed it up and lost some money this past week. Note to self: do not hold HNU overnight, never mind over a whole weekend.
    I made some back today, but I got out. Lesson learned. You get some ridiculous gaps with HNU, given that the underlying trades almost all the time.

  2. HNU/HND is a toughy and I've been burned too many times. Natural gas is a no no for me. Every time I am tempted, I just go sit in the corner until I get that thought out of my head. lol. I was trying to come up with a day trade system on it with 5 min chart using a Moving Average cross and price confirmation. I tested it for about 2 months (not with real money) and the results were okay but man was it whippy. There were big winners some big losers too. I forget why I stopped testing it. I'll post my chart and spreadsheet.