Wednesday, December 5, 2012

HNU/HND Spreadsheet

So they where all day trades. You enter only when A) 8 EMA crosses the 34 EMA on that day and B) you buy the breakout of the last swing high and C) You exit end of day before markets close. It didn't matter, you either go long or short with HNU or HND. I should look into this again. The idea was to never hold it over night.


  1. Interesting. I'll look this over closely when I get a chance.
    I've been using oscillators; 2 period RSI, MACD, (12, 26, 9) Fast Stoch,(14, 3)

    With good tight money management it's been okay, getting out every day.
    The problem occurred when I got greedy. There are huge gains to be made in the day to day gaps (and huge losses to be had). I convinced myself that I was good enough to predict direction and hold overnight. That turned into a sizable loss, then I got the "it will come back" mentality. You don't want to have an "it will come back" mentality when you are holding a decaying leveraged ETF, it's not good for peace of mind.

    Suffice it to say I made much of my loses back today, my charts tell me it will continue to go up tomorrow, I don't care because I'm out. No more holding gas overnight.

    Hopefully I will make a few bucks on K over the next day or two, then regroup and scratch my head over the HNU HND over the weekend. The volaility makes them so attractive. Gains that would take me days with stocks take only hours with them.

    I've only been doing this a few months, so still learning.

  2. Little follow up; sold the K today, at 9.70, net $380. I expect it to go up more, I'm guessing 10+ by next week sometime. My problem was that it's like watching paint dry. If I was holding 10000 shares it would look like real money, but... I'm not.

    After selling K I dabbled in and out of HND/HNU again, making nothing, pretty much dead even after commission, but learning something I hope.

    In cash overnight.

    Maybe tomorrow I'll bang my head on the keyboard while watching RIMM go up some more. LOL