Friday, April 29, 2011

RES.V Update

This is why its important to have a plan and then trade the  plan (sell targets) because your gains can disappear fast.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


I bought 3000 shares at 0.83 of GWG.V today. The pattern looks good, clean break out yesterday with volume and today is the test before it rockets higher ;). It needs to work within a day or so, I don't want this thing fucking hanging around so move it. It's a rare earth stock so I hope it follows REE.
I had to sell this and bank some coin, it hit my target on REE so I sold it with a $324 (7%) profit.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Trying not to get discouraged and taking positions based of signals and triggers. No opinions, just acting on rules. Took 500 shares at 13.85 of RES.V. The real trading for this stock happens on the AMEX under REE and that's what I am watching. Tight stop, it needs to work in a day or two and the danger is that it could be a bear flag!
OMG. This is a real fucking pisser. I thought I'd give it some time after yesterdays advance but what does it do first thing in the morning? Falls off a fucking cliff and of course I had to get out because I wasn't gonna let a winner be a loser so I stopped myself out with a $10 profit and what happens a hour later? It goes all the way back up. WTF!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Stopped Out of MDW.V

Loss $280 (7%) and got stopped out again. This totally fucking sucks, the only  position I have left is my CSI.TO but it's breaking out today so I hope I get a nice fucking run. Frustrated is a understatement ;(
There's no doubt stopping yourself out, having a plan and trading the plan is the way to go but it still sucks when you have a bunch of them in a row. Glad I got stopped out on the bounce yesterday on MAG.TO today's action would have caused a lot more pain.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Stopped Out of MAG.TO

Gsus fuck. Stopped out with a $155 (2.5%) loss. This market is really pissing me off.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bought MDW.V & MAG.TO

This a 60 min chart of Midway Gold listed on the Amex where it trades over 1.4 million shares today. I am using this chart to buy the Canadian version in my TFSA, looks like a nice breakout.
I bought 2000 shares at 2.00 of Midway Gold today. This is the Canadian listed stock and the volume sucks ass and the chart is not very smooth but I am going by the price action of the 60 min chart of the US listed equity above where it trades over 1.4 million shares.
My 2nd purchase today was 500 shares at 12.66 of Mag Silver. This is a 60 min chart and it give me my buy trigger which is the trendline break, 8/21 aka The Silver Bullet cross and Slo Stoc above 20.  

Monday, April 18, 2011

Stopped Out Of AVR.TO, EPZ.TO, GBN.V

This POS has done nothing. So FU and give me my money.
I almost have to count this as a successful trade because it didn't work and I got the hell outta of dodge fast with a $70 (3%) loss.
Finally had to bail out of AVR.TO with a $410 (8%) loss. Fucking POS, it just never worked right and drifted down after I bought it. Stocks really need to follow through and move up after a TL break, like MAI.TO and DPM.TO.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bought EPZ.V & CSI.TO

My first purchase this morning was 2000 at 1.95 of EPZ.V
My second purchase today was 500 shares of CSI.TO at 8.41. I think it's a really good risk reward with silver breaking out to new highs today of 42.30 and gold at 1478. Now these stocks have to get going.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Sold MAI.TO and banked $520 about 9%. I don't like those small candles at the top here. I was looking for a stronger follow through but I have to bank a good trade to get my confidence back. May reenter if it forms a tight flag.
Sold CBT.V today and banked $55 after fees. Maybe I could've played this better and sold some at 0.125 but I was really looking for another break up. But as it drifted down and I had to get out because I am not taking a loss on this one.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bought AVR.TO & MAI.TO

My first purchase was 2000 shares @ 2.99 of MAI.TO today. The pattern and volume looks amazing and I am looking for a breakout to new all time highs.
My 2nd purchase today was 3000 shares @ 1.67 of AVR.TO. Nice tight bullflag here with good support from the 20/50 MAs that looks like it's curling up. Hoping it will test the 2.08 highs and possibly make new highs.