Monday, March 7, 2011


I finally capitulated today on HED.TO. I really fucked this trade up and took a beating and loss $1,010 (24%). I had a chance to get out too but my emotions got in the way and I was like a deer in the headlights. It really shows how one bad trade can really ruin your portfolio. So disappointed with myself ;(
The day I took this at 0.47, it basically had to go up because it was at recent support. In hindsight, it did not look good because it was below the 20 & 50 MA. It went down right after I bought it and made new lows and now looks worse. So I waited for the bounce and got the hell outta there at 0.46 with a $80 (2.5%) loss which is a victory in my books.
And finally I took a crack at PMT.TO on this pullback. I bought 1100 @ 4.09 with a stop at 3.95 at most but I'd be outta there if it even touches or closes below the 20 & 50 MAs.

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