Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bought ARZ.TO & GBN.V

I bought 6000 @ 0.47 early in the morning and it went down all day on huge volume. I hope its some sort of capitulation but it looks horrible. I have to be very careful with this, if it doesn't get some sort of bounce tomorrow I'll probably sell it. I really don't want to see this thing below 0.42
I also bought 700 @ 7.04 early in the morning and it's working out nicely. I'd love to see it follow through tomorrow and break the 7.58 resistance in the next couple of days. Gold hit a new high today of $1435.
This is a update on CRK.TO which I sold 3 days ago and took a $95 (2.2%) loss. It just fell apart right after I sold it. This is why so important that I follow my technical analysis rules no matter what the story is. Something I should've done with my HED.TO where I've broken the rules and I am stuck with it trying to get out. Break the rules, pay the price.

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