Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bought GSC.TO & OSK.TO

This is the 60 min chart of GSC.TO. Bought 2000 shares @ 2.59 with a stop at 2.52.

This is the daily chart of GSC.TO with an ABC target of 3.31 which is the 200MA or if this is a 5 wave advance and this is the 3rd wave, it would measure up to 3.87 in a 1.618 expansion. Notice both targets have gaps.

This is the 60min chart of OSK.TO where I bought 300 shares at 14.45. The daily chart is why I bought it because it seems to be a successful test of the 200MA.
Daily chart of OSK.TO where its bounced off of the 200MA. Lets see if it holds!

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