Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bought MDW.V & MAG.TO

This a 60 min chart of Midway Gold listed on the Amex where it trades over 1.4 million shares today. I am using this chart to buy the Canadian version in my TFSA, looks like a nice breakout.
I bought 2000 shares at 2.00 of Midway Gold today. This is the Canadian listed stock and the volume sucks ass and the chart is not very smooth but I am going by the price action of the 60 min chart of the US listed equity above where it trades over 1.4 million shares.
My 2nd purchase today was 500 shares at 12.66 of Mag Silver. This is a 60 min chart and it give me my buy trigger which is the trendline break, 8/21 aka The Silver Bullet cross and Slo Stoc above 20.  

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