Sunday, January 2, 2011

Current Positions - MRS.TO FEL.TO FSY.TO GMR.V

I own 500 free shares of Medoro Resources. My plan is to hold on to this for several years until Gold price peaks. I may buy back in and trade it again. You acquire free shares by selling your initial investment so even if it goes to zero, you technically can't lose any money. For example, you buy 1,000 shares of ABC at $2 ($2000 investment) and it goes to $4, so you're up 100%. You sell 500 shares at $4 and get your $2000 initial investment back and still have FREE 500 shares.

This is a trade I've had for couple of weeks now. It needs to move soon!

I have a very small position but may add to it if it moves up.

I great setup that I took. I sold 1/3 of my position on the pop. Hoping it will go to the 3.60 - 3.70 level. 

 A closer 60 minutes look at FSY.TO before the pop.

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